Call for Plaintiffs for Lawsuit to Stop the 5G Roll-Out

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Hello, fellow warriors in the fight against 5G and wireless radiation,

This is Julie Levine, Coordinator of 5G Free Topanga and Beyond and 5G Free California with an important request.  If you are already experiencing symptoms from wireless radiation, keep reading.  We need plaintiffs for a lawsuit, and this will be at no expense to any plaintiffs who step forward because we have an anonymous donor funding the lawsuit. Specifically, people are needed who are having symptoms AND live near cell towers, cell antennas, Distributed Antenna System (DAS) stations, or other wireless infrastructure, for a lawsuit to stop the roll-out of 5G nationally.  We think we can win this suit, but not without your help.  We also need people who have symptoms who are facing threats of proposed new cell towers or infrastructure near your homes.

If you fall into one of these categories or want to discuss this further, please contact me at at 5GFreeCalifornia at gmail dot com or call me at 310-455-9389.  Thanks so much!  


Andrew Campanelli is suing the FCC to stop the 5G roll-out and new tower installations, and I think he will win.  I am happy to discuss his strategies and why he feels optimistic with you individually.  We have an anonymous donor financing the first million dollars of this lawsuit.  We need a small number of plaintiffs.  Their legal fees will be paid by our anonymous donor, and we will fight the towers as a part of this suit.  We especially need people with an EHS diagnosis that can be documented who live in areas with high levels of microwave radiation (close to towers, DAS stations, antennas, etc.).  If you know of anyone who is currently fighting a tower application, we may be able to finance this fight.  Andrew Campanelli is winning these cases!  

There are at least two websites where you can enter your address and see maps of cell towers and cell tower antennas near your home.

Please contact me at 310-455-9389 (9 am – 9 pm) if you think you may be eligible and if you want to know more.  This is a fight for all of our futures and we will prevail!  You can be a hero in this historic showdown.  

Julie Levine
Coordinator, 5G Free California / 5G Free Topanga and Beyond