Meeting Agenda for October 3, 2019

  1. Welcome / Introductions
  2. Poem by Bibi Caspari
  3. Good News/Announcements
  4. Fundraiser Saturday, Oct 5, 6-9pm, 1909 TCB – We need your help to build this big!
    Please RSVP and/or purchase tickets in advance so we can make sure there is enough food for everyone, and so people can see the RSVPs on Facebook and Next Door
    If you are on FB, please go on the event invitation and use the invite friends feature to invite as many people as you can.  So appreciated. 
    If inviting people via email, please link to the event invitation on our website.
  5. Committee Report Backs and Sign-Ups:
    ~ Legislative Strategies (Town Council, legislative visits/responses), next steps
    ~ Legal Strategies – Updates on Legal Front
    ~ Click to Call Petition – Please do this!
    ~ PR/Media/Social Media/Website and Mountain Messenger update
    ~ Outreach/Education/Building Our Movement – celebrities, interest groups like parents, teachers, doctors, etc. – Topanga Elementary School, film screenings, etc.
    ~ Funding (for lawyers & educational materials) – Fundraiser scheduled for 10/5, 6-9pm, 1909 TCB – Event building and Silent Auction
    ~ ES Committee – Next Steps
    ~ Planning Committee Report
  6. Featured Speakers: Oram Miller and Albina Molina

Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS, is the Director of Learning and Development for the Building Biology Institute (BBI). He has been giving public lectures and training Environmental Consultants for decades. This will be a highly informative presentation, and will be a great opportunity to bring friends who want to know more about wireless radiation and protection.

Albina Molina, BBEC, EMRS, will also be speaking on EMFs in your home and neighborhood.